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How to choose the best size for your pet portrait

How to choose the best size for your pet portrait

Pet Print Size Guide

When it comes to showcasing your pet, you want to make sure you pick the best print size for your pet portrait. From size and style of print to the location and purpose of your portrait, here is our guide to pet print sizing:

Wall Space

Where will you hang your new Pawtrait Print?

When bringing your pet print to your home, choosing the right size starts with knowing where you will hang the final product. Measure the space available for your print, and then select the appropriate size via our online size options for an option that best fits your space.


Are you looking for eye-catching art or smaller, more intimate prints?

When it comes to creating a stunning pet portrait, how you will display your piece matters. The larger your print, the more it will act as an eye-catching piece in your home.

Do you want your Pawtrait Print to be the centerpiece of your home? Or are you looking for a smaller, more intimate result? Knowing your intended purpose will help you pick the right size.


Your size will determine your price.

Each Pawtrait Print is made using only the highest-quality processes and materials. However, we strive to make each product affordable for you. Visit our pricing page to see our full pricing options - and contact our team today to learn more.

Some Important Pet-Related Questions

Answer these important questions to pick the right size print!

Your Pawtrait Print will be a keepsake that you will hold dear forever. To ensure that you capture the perfect moment, here are some questions to consider:

What is the Size of Your Pet?

The size of your pet will determine the best option for your new Pawtrait Print.

What is Your Pet's Personality?

Do you have a bold and energetic pet or a more reserved animal? Remember that personality can be shown in more ways than just looks. Look for different poses, like a dog sitting on its hind legs as if it would like to stand up with a paw on a chair.

Will You Capture Full-Body or Profile?

When choosing a pet portrait, you can highlight your pet's personality through a portrait focused on their face - or through a full-body portrait. The style of pose you choose will play a role in the best size for your new portrait.

Will You Include Multiple Pets?

If you are looking to show off several pets, you can still choose the perfect size. Consider including a close-up of your pet in the portrait - and select a size that best fits your space.

Are You Capturing Multiple Pets or Just One?

Using multiple pets or individuals on one piece can create an intriguing result for your new Pawtrait Print. Remember to consider the size of your pets when selecting a print size.

Choosing The Right Frame

Your pet portrait deserves nothing but the best!

The last step in your planning your new Pawtrait Print is to choose your frame. A frame can make all the difference in a print and can bring out the unique personality of your pet while seamlessly fitting the current aesthetic of your home.​

Create Your One-of-a-Kind Pet Print Today

Are you ready to bring your pet's unique personality to life with a portrait you will cherish forever? With Pawtrait Studio and Prints, you can create a keepsake portrait that showcases your furry best friend in all their glory - with only a few clicks!

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