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Pet Photo to Modern Pet Portrait

Pet Photo to Modern Pet Portrait-Pawtrait Studio & Prints


7 Tips To Capture That Perfect Pet Picture

As a pet owner, one of the fun ways that you can connect with your pet is by taking pictures of them. Ask any pet owner, and you are likely to find hundreds (if not thousands) of digital dog and pet pictures on their smartphone. To really capture your pet’s unique personality and create lasting memories, taking pet photographs is the way to go!


You don’t have to be a professional photographer with the highest-dollar camera equipment to take professional photos of your pet. Fortunately, most pets are naturally photogenic - if you take the right steps to make them comfortable with being on camera.


If you want to capture pictures of your pet worth framing in your home, here are some of the top tips and tricks to save you time and create lasting memories.

#1: Perfect Your Lighting

One of the most important aspects of photography with any subject is the proper lighting. With pets, the wrong amount of lighting may cause them to respond negatively, or scare them away from taking pictures.


The best place to try and photograph your pet is outdoors. The natural light will be familiar to your pet, and they will likely feel more comfortable than inside under manufactured lighting. However, if you are shooting inside, utilize lighting that your pet may be familiar with in your home. Avoid using flash if possible, as this may scare your pet and create red-eye effects that you don’t want in your pet portraits.


#2: Play With Distance

In your pet picture, ensure that the focus is squarely on your pet’s face and eyes. To accomplish this, play around with the distance settings on your camera to push away any noise that may distract from your pet’s face or body. To do this, try taking photos with neutral or blank backgrounds. Another method is to set the aperture and f-stop on your camera to provide for depth of focus that removes background noise and brings full attention to your pet.


#3: Stay On Their Level

One mistake that many photographs make with pets is shooting down at their pets from above. While you can still get great pictures this way, getting down on their level and taking pictures from their point-of-view can produce some stunning photos of your pet that will capture their personality in new ways.

#4: Zoom In Close

It may be hard for you to get right up in your pet’s face with a camera, so it may be beneficial to invest in a zoom lens for your camera! With a zoom lens, you can get up close and personal with your pet without invading their space and making them uncomfortable.


#5: Bring Their Favourite Treat or Toy

A perfect way to capture your furry companion’s personality is by bringing along their favourite treat or toy. The more comfortable they are with something they recognize, the more likely they will respond for photographs as you desire. Don’t be afraid to get a bit active and have fun with their toys or treats, as this will only help draw out their personality.

#6: Take A Lot Of Pictures!

One of the best parts of modern photography is the ability of most digital cameras to take countless numbers of pictures in a single setting. With pets being quite the active muse, don’t be afraid to hit the shutter more than you think is necessary. You never know when you might capture that perfect photograph of your pet doing something memorable. The more pictures you take, and the more you reward them for their hard work, the more chances you have to capture that priceless moment.

#7: Stay Patient

As with any picture, stay calm and patient - allowing your pet to get comfortable with their surroundings. The more at ease your pet is, the more likely you will capture that perfect look that you are desiring. Remember, your pets can feel your own stress, so the more calm and patient you remain, the more they will follow your lead! Have fun, and trust that the perfect picture displaying your pet’s personality will come!



Turn That Memorable Picture Into A Priceless Work Of Art With Pawtrait Studio & Prints


Once you capture that perfect picture of your pet, the next step should be to display it in your home or office for all to enjoy! If you want to bring your pet’s picture to life in stunning colour, contact the team at Pawtrait Studio & Prints. With a variety of picture printing and framing options, you are guaranteed to find a way to memorialize your pet that you will love.


We offer high-quality prints and frames or frameless options that fit a variety of digital pet photo styles. You will also discover many ways to turn your digital dog or cat picture into a priceless treasure that you and your family will adore for years. To see more of our digital pet printing and photography options, visit us online today!



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