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Personalised Modern Pet Portrait

Personalised Modern Pet Portrait-Pawtrait Studio & Prints


Pawtrait studio and Prints

You probably do not know this (or maybe you do), but most of the world's renowned painters such as Pablo Picasso, Charles M. Schulz, and Andy Warhol were inspired by their quadrupedally best mates, their dogs. Pet portrait paintings have been in existence since men evolved and learned how to draw on cave walls, marking the undeniable bond and fondness between them and these lovely creatures. While the United States is blessed with West and Willow, and the United Kingdom has Crown and Paw, Australia is not left behind either; introducing Pawtrait Studio & Prints!


Pawtrait studio and Prints have an incredible passion for pet portraits. We understand your undying love for your pets; therefore, whatever may seem like overkill or overboard in expressing your unconditional love for them, is our passion. Whether it is your dog pet, bird pet, cat pet, and many others, we will help you immortalize and memorialize your cat pet, dog pet, or bird pet, among others. One of the most significant reasons to have your best buddy painted is to commemorate and celebrate them. You will love to have a vivid image of them, precisely, if they are no longer with you. Regardless of whether you need to honour your pet's loss or seek a unique gift for your loved ones or you are a passionate pet parent, Pawtrait Studio and Prints is the right place for you.


We develop the most beautiful and modern pet portraits that capture your pet's uniqueness into a timeless art that could last an eternity. We provide custom-made pet portraits at affordable prices. You only require to follow these three simple steps when ordering your custom pet portrait. First, customize your order, then take the best photo of your pet, the one that brings out their personality and tells their story; ensure the image is very clear when uploading, lastly leave it to us, to do what we do  best; we shall draw it, print it and then package it for you to your doorstep. Our only warning is: You should have a handkerchief nearby upon receiving your precious package because our portraits are known to cause tears of joy upon arrival. What you ordered is what you get and more. Do not be shy to show your love for your pet by bringing them a unique gift from us. Allow us to help you show vivid passion for your best pet buddy.



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